I am conducting writing mastery evaluations through Skype.

You can learn a lot for free on this site — and on other sites as well. Skype evaluation sessions give you one-on-one attention and detailed analysis of your writing skills by critiquing your story openings. Learn what you are doing right; and what you learn about your writing flaws can be applied throughout your manuscript.

You can also find out how strong your opening is.

The charge is a flat $30.00 per hour.

How it works:


-1. Send the first 20 pages.

-2. Make a minimum payment of $60 (for two hours).

-3. Agree to the date and time of the Skype.

-4. Execute Skype session.

-5. Choose to go over the two hours or agree to another session (payment later).

-6. Any glitches in the technology will be compensated for by adding additional free time. You will only be charged for actual instruction time. I will keep a log of online time.

Contact me for more information: editing [at] AuthorEOrlando [dot] com or seven seven five – seven seven zero – eight six eight zero Reno, Nevada (Pacific Time – three hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time).


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